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First Baptist Church of Dayton is a Baptist Church in the heart of downtown Dayton. We are a community of Baptists church attempting to be the "body of Christ" in a particular location, and to love God with all our minds and all our hearts.

Our Denominational Affiliation

First Baptist Church of Dayton belongs to American Baptist Churches U.S.A. ABC USA has headquarters in Valley Forge , PA. FBC Dayton is a member of the ABC Ohio Region and the Dayton Area Baptist Association.

The writer of the New Testament book of Hebrews says

[When you come to church] you have come to Mount Zion and to the city of the living God . . . You have come to the joyful gathering of [Jesus Christ]. You have come to God . . . and to the spirits of good people made perfect. You have come to Jesus . . .”

First Baptist Church of Dayton aspires to that word. When you come to First Baptist Church you have a right to know what to expect. I'm not interested in defining this church on the basis of what we don't believe and with whom we disagree. First Baptist Church has little use for the labels that Christians often use against one another. When you come to First Baptist Church you will find an open table. All are welcome; none are excluded.

You will discover a Baptist church that is more deliberately sacramental . After all, we observe the Lord's Supper once a month instead of once every quarter. We believe in experiencing our faith in every possible way, and that includes the Sacrament of Holy Communion.

You will find a church that has more trust in reason and tradition and less trust in emotional individualism and experience. Discussion, conversation, and debate are our strong suits. We are not interested in closing discussions; we insist on opening them and keeping them open in the search for truth. We don't believe the Bible should be used like a spiritual Yellow Pages to pass out correct answers on every subject under the sun.

You will discover a community intensely involved in the search, the study, and the preaching of the Bible in order that we might be more of a disciplined community of learning in the search for the unity of knowledge and truth. We study the Bible along with the gift of critical scholarship through the ages. Literalist interpretations are left to others. We believe that the teachings of the Bible will lead us to commit ourselves to live under the authority of a faithful church community. We are attempting to become one in the Spirit, one in the Lord.

You will experience worship grounded in the traditions of the New Testament Church, but containing the best of music, prayer, and experience across all ages, including the contemporary. Through our music we strive to experience not only the faith of our ancestors, but we attempt to open all the windows of our souls to receive the gift of diverse music from other nations, other cultures, and our contemporary culture.

At First Baptist Church you will find a pastor who takes seriously the Bible. Each Sunday we read portions of the Scripture, and our pastor preaches a sermon from one or more of those readings. A strong biblical memory informed by reading in every possible discipline produces thoughtful, sometimes provocative, and sometimes controversial sermons. We have no desire for uniformity. Our pastor believes that his only power is that of persuasion under the leadership of the Holy Spirit. This is not an authoritarian approach to Christianity.

Here at First Baptist Church of Dayton you can search for the truth. You will find respect among your peers, and no one will insist that you have to think and believe exactly as you do. At the same time, you will have every opportunity to become a part of this fellowship seeking to learn how to live disciplined lives under the authority of Jesus Christ.



First Baptist Church
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