A person may become a member of First Baptist Church of Dayton in the following ways:

  1. Confession of faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior
  2. Transfer of church letter from another congregation
  3. Statement of faith.

Persons joining First Baptist Church from other denominations are not obligated to be baptized by immersion. First Baptist Church accepts the baptism of all Christian churches. A candidate for membership from another Christian church may choose to be baptized by immersion.

The members of First Baptist Church are expected to be faithful in attendance, prayers, service, and mission.

We are a growing church located in the heart of downtown Dayton .

You are invited to join us for worship on Sunday morning at 10:30 .

Get Involved

Persons may choose from a variety of service and mission opportunities at First Baptist Church :

  1. Serve on one of the primary boards of the church: Mission , Trustees, Deacons, or Education.
  2. Serve on one of our primary committees: Growth or Worship, Music, and Arts committees.
  3. Volunteer to work with any of our mission partners: Dayton Early College Academy, St. Vincent 's, Rebuilding Together Dayton


  1. Volunteer as a teacher in our Sunday School department. We have regular classes for pre-school through senior adults.
Give Back

First Baptist Church members are encouraged in the art of responsible stewardship. Members are encouraged to give a tithe of their income to the ministries of the church. We believe that faithful stewardship is an essential sign of a growing Christian. In addition, church members are expected to pledge faithfulness in attendance, prayers, and service to the church and to the community.

First Baptist Church supports local missions as well as the mission work of ABC Ohio and the domestic and international missions of ABC USA .

The pledge card below is an example of the expectations for church members.



Please indicate your stewardship pledge in support of our church for 2009:

____ I (we) promise to give a tithe of my (our) income to the First Baptist Church beginning January 1, 2009 . Estimated amount: $_______________

____ I (we) promise to give a total of $______________ in support of

First Baptist Church for the year 2009. I (we) plan to give:

____ Monthly ____ Weekly

____ I (we) would like Contribution Envelopes.

Name(s)______________________ Signature___________________


First Baptist Church
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