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Lent Story Slam

March 13, 2018 @ 6:30 pm

Last year during the Season of Lent, as an alternative to a traditional midweek study, we held a weekly story slam to encourage greater participation from our church and community.  The experience was so positive and engaging that we are bringing it back.  If you’re not familiar with the concept of a story slam, it’s essentially a live, open-mic storytelling venue.  Those attending are invited to come prepared to share a five-minute story on the evening’s theme.  You do not have to tell a story; you can just come to listen.  But those willing to tell a story will put their names in a basket, and we will draw 5 names; and those 5 people will be our storytellers.  Here are some helpful guidelines for would-be storytellers adapted from Story Slamm Dayton (www.facebook.com/StorySlammDayton/):

  • It must be TRUE – Our story slam is strictly non-fiction.
  • It must be on TOPIC – The story you’ve prepared should be related to the evening’s theme.
  • It must have STAKES – A story needs action and the action must have consequences. What is gained or lost?  What is the urgency?  What is the conflict?  What is the goal and who or what is blocking it?  How did the trip from point A to point B change or shape you?
  • It must be YOUR Story to Tell – Were you there? Are you one of the main characters?  No journalism.  Eyewitness accounts only.
  • Finally, it must be ON TIME – Slam stories should be 5 minutes long plus 1 grace minute.

What we are not looking for: Stand-up routines. Rants. Essays. How-tos. Lectures. Fictions.  Gratuitous anything.

What we are looking for:  Hook us in.  Make us care about you.  Paint the scene.  Clearly state your fears, desires, and dilemma.  Make us worried for you, impress us with your observations that are uniquely yours.  Rope us into the moment when it all goes down.  Conclude as a different person.  Triumphant?  Defeated?  Befuddled?  Enlightened? …CHANGED.

The hope of doing these story slams is that we’ll get to know something of one another as we journey through Lent, and experience the goodness of gathering together to share and listen to each other’s stories.  So join us!  Here are the themes for each week to help you prepare your story:

February 20:           Hungry                                              March 13:    An Unexpected Ending

February 27:           Believe It Or Not                               March 20:    Making a Comeback

March 6:                  Trial & Error


March 13, 2018
6:30 pm


FBC Dayton