A friendly reminder that you can access the manuscripts from recent/past sermons on our website by going to  Share the good news preached at First Baptist with your friends and family!

Reminder:  Please bring your recyclable papers:
magazines, paperback books, newspapers, office paper
to church and deposit into Recycle Binthe green and
yellow bin by the old DCDC playground!  
We need to fill it up at least once a
month (1 ton) in order to keep the bin. 
Thank you!


Paper Recycling Update

Tons Collected

January 1.48 0.77
February 0.77  
March 1.55  
April 1.25  
May 1.65  
June 1.49  
July 2.11  
August 0.82  
September 1.55  
October 0.80  
November 0.85  
December 1.66  

To date, FBCD has earned $355 through this program.

Thank you for your participation!


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